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Volume 9, Number 4, October 2012
Freedom from Fear
by Aung San Suu Kyi 翁山苏姬
Striking Back at “Sweatshops”
by 刘开明 Liu Kaiming
IT is not power that corrupts but fear. Fear of losing power corrupts those who wield it and fear of the scourge of power corrupts those who are subject to it. Most Burmese are familiar with the four a-gati, the four kinds of corruption. Chanda-gati, corruption induced by desire, is deviation from the right path in pursuit of bribes or for the sake of those one loves. Dosa-gati is taking the wrong path to spite those against whom one bears ill will, and moga-gati is aberration...
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IN 2009, owing to their efforts in helping the Chinese economy weather the effects of the economic tidal wave, the American Time Magazine named the “Chinese Worker” as a first runner-up for its “Person of the Year.” In 2010, Chinese worker strikes at Honda and a string of suicides at Foxconn again captured a great deal of attention from around the world. The worker riots in the cities of Chaozhou and Zengcheng in Guangzhou, as well as those of Huzhou...
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Yan Fu and Liang Qichao’s
Alienation from Rousseau’s Ideas

by 颜德如 Yan Deru
The Dignity of the Human Person and Social
Justice in the Ancient Mediterranean World

by Leo D. Lefebure 利奥·莱弗比尔
THE fact that the ideas of Jean Jacques Rousseau (1712-1778) are known by modern day Chinese people who regard them as the symbol of “revolutionary spirit” is mainly due to the efforts of Yan Fu (also spelt Yen Fuh or Yen Fu [1854-1921]) and Liang Qichao (also known as Liang Ch’i-ch’ao [1873-1929]). To spread Rousseau’s ideas, the former or Yan Fu wrote an essay entitled “Equitable Comment on The Social Contract” and the latter or Liang Qichao published “The Learning of Rousseau”. Although we are not intended at present to question the motives behind their writings, we do plan to call readers’ attention to their comprehension of Rousseau’s thought. Judging from...
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THE dignity of the human person is among the most important concerns of contemporary thought, with particular importance for the quest for social justice and the assertion of human rights. There is, however, no universally agreed framework for pondering the meaning and significance of the human person. Modern personalism presents an exalted view of the unique value of each individual that is always to be respected. One of the leading proponents of personalist philosophy, Emmanuel Mounier, proposed an influential description of the human person as a unique, dynamic process eluding external definition or control:
There are not, then, stones, animals, trees...
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Issue 9.4
Freedom from Fear

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