Symposium 2005:

History and Memory:
Present Reflections on the Past to Build Our Future


Thursday - December 1st, 2005


Welcome Address by Luís Sequeira

Key Note Address by 杜维明 Tu Wei-ming

I. Epistemological Issues: The Liaisons Between History and Memory

10:30 Chairperson: Ruben Cabral
  Consuelo Varela
Memory and the Writing of History
赵世瑜 Zhao Shiyu
祖先记忆、家园象征与族群历史 : 山西洪洞大槐树传说解析
Ancestors, Symbols for Homeland and History of Ethnic Groups —An Analysis of the Legends of Immigrants from Big Pagoda Tree of Hongtong, Shanxi

Nyitray Vivian-Lee
Lord Xinling, Lei Feng, and Ven. Zheng Yen: History, Memory, and Narrative Ethics
信陵君、雷峰与证严法师 : 历史、记忆与叙述伦理

Discussant: 韩琦 Han Qi


(Group Photo) - Noon Break

II. Questions of Method: On the Sources of History and Towards an Interdisciplinary Approach

II.1 Traditional and Corrective Sources

Chairperson: Gabriel Donleavy


Juan Gil
Global Inquisition and the Aborigines



陈方中 Chen Fang-Chung
文献、访谈与事实 : 从义和团研究的案例看历史记忆的形成
Documents, Interviews and Facts—The Case Study of the Boxer Rebellion in the Connection Between History and Memory


Shana Brown
Qing Intellectual History in Republican China (Liang Qichao, Qian Mu, Luo Zhenyu)
民国时期的清朝学术史 (梁启超、钱穆、罗振玉)


Discussant: Paul Van Dyke

II.2 Interdisciplinarity in History
16:15 Chairperson: 丁伟 Ting Wai
  Stephan Feuchtwang
History and the Transmission of Shared Loss: The Famine that was Part of the Great Leap Forward in China and an Incident Included with the White Terror in the History of Taiwan
历史与其传递中的共同资料流失: 中国大跃进中的饥荒与台湾历史上的白色恐怖事件

丁东 Ding Dong
Old Photos and Historical Memory


Jean-Philippe Béja
Forbidden Memory, Unwritten History: The Difficulty to Structure an Opposition Movement in the PRC
被禁制的记忆与没有记录的历史: 在中国华人民共和国组织反对运动的困难


Discussant: 程惕洁 TJ Cheng


End of the day

Friday - December 2nd, 2005

III. Selecting and Constructing Memories

III.1 A Matter of Choice
09:00 Chairperson: Michael Saso
  John M. Carroll
Commemorating History in Colonial and Post-Colonial Hong Kong
  刘青峰 Liu Qingfeng & 金观涛 Jin Guantao
The Objectivity of Historical Memory: Analyse the Reality of History of Ideas
  邢建榕 Xing Jianrong
Interaction Between Historical Archives and the TV Media: The Case of “Remembering Stories From the Archives”
  Discussant: Patrick Hase
III.2 Constructing for Oneself and for the Others
11:15 Chairperson: 翁松燃 Byron Weng
  João de Pina-Cabral
Interpreting Memory as Acting on Memory: Ethnic Identity in Macao During the Transition Period (1987-1999)
理解记忆就是演译记忆 : 澳门在过渡期间 (1987-1999 年 ) 的种族特性
  章开沅 Zhang Kaiyuan & 田彤 Tian Tong
追寻早期华工的历史足迹 : 以艾尔松《爱达荷华人往事》为例

In Search for Traces of Chinese Workers: Cases from Alfreda Elsensohn's Book Idaho Chinese Lore
  Peter Zarrow
Teaching National Memory in Late Qing China: Failures and Results
  Discussant: Dominque Tyl

Noon Break


Films and Discussion: Filming Memory


Chairperson: Eric Sautedé

20mn excerpts of three film documentaries in the presence of the filmmakers
(The complete version of the films will be shown
at the Cineteatro [House 2] on Dec. 1st, 2nd and 3rd at 9:30 PM)

  1. From Nuremberg to Nuremberg, by and with Philippe Meyer
  2. Morning Sun, by and with Carma Hinton
  3. S-21, by Rithy Panh, and with Sylvie Rollet

End of the day

Saturday - December 3rd, 2005

IV. Preserving Memory and Teaching History

IV.1 Heritage Policies and Museology
09:00 Chairperson: César Guillén-Nuñez
  Haviva Peled-Carmeli
Remembering the Past, Shaping the Future: Stories Focused on Personal Objects
回顾过去,塑造未来 : 个人物件背后的故事
  Cathryn Clayton
Valuing the Past in the Museum of Macau
  林木 Lin Mu
A Serious Distortion in the Awareness and Reality of History: the Interference and Failure on the History of Evolutionism in the 20th Century on the Study of Chinese Art History
  Discussant: 李世庄 Jack Lee
IV.2 History and New Technology
11:15 Chariperson: Tereza Sena
  葛剑雄 Ge Jianxiong
中国历史地理信息系统 (CHGIS) 的研制及其在历史记忆和研究中的运用
The Building of China's Geo-History Information System and Its Application for the Study of History and Memory
  Guido Abbattista
IT and the Job of the Historian: An Outline of Ongoing Issues
资讯科技与历史学家的工作: 进行中的事情的概要
  Larry Sanger
The Future of Free Information
  Discussant: Tom Stanley

Noon Break

V. The "Duty of Memory": For Whom and to What End
"记忆的责任": 为谁服务 ? 为什么服务 ?

V.1 The Duty of Memory
14:00 Chairperson: 关信基 Kuan Hsin-chi
  徐友渔 Xu Youyu
The Chinese Cultural Revolution: A Concealed History and a Memory Awaiting Saving
Michel Bonnin
How the “Lost Generation” Recovers its Memory?
— The Political Significance of the Debate about the Memory of the Cultural Revolution and of the Educated Youth Movement.

“迷失的一代” 如何重拾失去的记忆 ? ── 中国文化大革与知青运动的争辩在政治上的意义
Marie-Claire Lavabre
Can We Influence Memory?
Discussant: 毛思慧 Mao Sihui
V.2 Healing and Reconciliation

Chairperson: Yves Camus


Rana Mitter
The Duty of Memory: The Nanjing Massacre, Memory and Forgetting in China and Japan
记忆的义务 : 中国与日本对南京大屠杀的记忆与遗忘


Olivier Wieviorka
The French Resistance, Between Memory and History
法国反抗军: 记忆与历史之间的联系


Gary Baines
Representing and Remembering the Soweto Uprising: Constructing the Narrative of South Africa's Liberation Struggle
代表與追憶索韋托暴動事件: 建立南非解放鬥爭的敍述


Discussant: Glenn Timmermans

Concluding Speech: Luís Sequeira