The Online Journal of The Macau Ricci Institute


ISSN: 2520 7903


A bi-annual journal reflecting thought leadership by the Macau Ricci Institute on 3 content platforms: Social Innovation, Moral Leadership and Comparative Spirituality.

Matteo Ricci’s legacy has inspired us to found The Journal of the Macau Ricci Institute, as we as Non-Chinese are challenged to enter into dialogue with Chinese and discover in them so to speak “our other self ”. This process of mutual appreciation may equip us in a special way to work together to solve our common problems today. Friendship is indeed the main entry point to all three broad areas of concern embraced by the Macau Ricci Institute. The MRI Journal will highlight research and reflection on these concerns, namely, Moral Leadership, Social Innovation and Comparative Spirituality.  Ricci was regarded as a highly respected moral leader who deeply impressed everyone who had the chance to meet him, not just for his knowledge of different sciences such as mathematics, astronomy, geography, and cartography but also for his humanity and the sincerity of friendship expressed in his encounters with Chinese people, mastering their language and showing openness to those with whom he interacted.