Doing Good Business in China

21. 06. 05
Doing Good Business in China

Doing Good Business in China



The 46 original case studies featured in this book demonstrate that in many business sectors, local people and foreigners are responding to the challenges of achieving business success while competing with integrity. Cases are divided into eight sub-topics discussing internet and social media issues, labor issues, corporate social responsibility, product and food safety, Chinese suppliers and production, environmental issues, corporate governance, as well as business and society in China. Each case is followed by a discussion section, with questions to prompt reflection. This book is a valuable resource for students of International Business and Management, as well as entrepreneurs and business managers working and doing business in China. For


Stephan Rothlin

Rothlin Ltd, Beijing, China & Rothlin Ltd, Hong Kong

Dennis McCann

Rothlin Ltd, Beijing, China & Rothlin Ltd, Hong Kong

Parissa Haghirian

Sophia University, Japan

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