MRI Studies Series


MRI Studies Series

From the very beginning the Macau Ricci Institute has chosen the publications as an important tool for fostering better mutual understanding between China and the world. Among the many challenges of promoting research and learning about China in China inland and abroad, the search for spiritual meaning and the balanced development of humanistic approach to the fast changing society and search of the roots is one of the priorities of our publication policy.

Therefore, to be able to continue dialogue with Chinese and Western intellectuals the MRI organizes international academic symposia, workshops and talks related to the intellectual history and Chinese-Western traditions and beliefs presented by invited speakers from China and abroad. This reach encounter through stimulating thoughts and research are then published in the MRI Publications Series such as MRI Studies Series, Humanitas and Jesuítas Publications Series.

MRI Studies Vol.1

Macau Ricci Institute Studies 1:

Macau on the Threshold of the Third Millennium


Page Title Author
  Keynote Address  
5 Macau still exists! But will it survive? Jean-Pierre Cabestan
  I. Macau's Historical Meaning  
13 The Existence of Macau: A Chinese Perspective Fok Kai Cheong
39 The Portuguese Chromosome: Reflections on the Formation of Macau's Identity (16th -18th Centuries) Jorge Manuel Flores
57 Ambergris and Opium in Macau's History Wu Zhiliang
85 Macau: A Tale of Many Cities António Vasconcelos de Saldanha
  II. Macau's Political and Legal Systems and International Relations  
93 Constitutional Conventions and Political Development in Macau Lo Shiuhing
101 Accommodating Diversity: Macau Under China's Constitution Francisco Gonçalves Pereira
127 Mass Political Culture and Political Development in Post-1999 Macau Herbert S. Yee
151 Macau and Europe: The Challenges of the Paradiplomacy Game Miguel Santos Neves
177 Macau's International Relations José Duarte de Jesus
  III. Macau's Geography, Economy and Society  
185 Macau in the Pearl River Delta and Beyond Richard Louis Edmonds
205 Macau Mixed Architecture and Urbanisation Carlos Marreiros
243 Macau: A Multi-Community Society Jean Berlie
257 Education and Change in Macau's Portuguese Community Rui Almeida Simões
273 Towards an Educational Agenda for Macau at the Start of the New Millennium Keith Morrison
  IV. Macau's Cultural and Religious Identities  
291 A Project of Identity: Macau in the World unity Luís Sá Cunha
301 A Church in Search of New Ways Luís Sequeira
321 Religious Syncretism: The Harmonization of Buddhism & Taoism in Macau's Lian Feng Miao Christina Cheng
MRI Studies Vol.2

Macau Ricci Institute Studies 2:

Religion and Culture: Past Approaches, Present Globalisation, Future Challenges


Page Title Author
7 Foreword Yves Camus
9 Welcome Address D. Domingos Lam
  Keynote Address  
11 Boxer, Macau, and the Jesuits Dauril Alden Charles R.
  I. The European Renaissance Mind in the Encounter with Asia  
25 Decoding the European Renaissance Mind: The Jesuit Missionaries' View of Cultural Encounter in Asia Philippe Lécrivain
35 Reading Indian Pluralism: A Paradigm for Multi-cultural / Religious Development Délio de Mendonça
55 Discussion Glenn Timmermans
61 Maritime Southeast Asia in the World. Map of Ferdinand Verbiest and its Korean Version Roderich Ptak
89 The Korean World Map in St. Ottilien: A Note on Verbiest's Cartographical Work Soon Mi Hong-Schunka
113 Christianity's Dual Meaning in the Modernisation of China: In Commemoration of the 450th Anniversary of the Death of St. Francis Xavier You Xilin
129 Discussion César Guillén-Nuñez
  II. Experiences  
143 Missionaries and Globalisation of Culture: An Indian Experience Jose Kalapura
167 The Malaccan Portuguese Community and its Relevance to the Macanese in Contemporary Macau Barney Koo
199 A Multi-cultural Case of Macau: The Thesis of "Maximisation of Difference" in a Globalised World Chan Chi-hou
213 World Religions and Asian Culture: The Singapore Experience Jean Charbonnier
227 Discussion Choong Cheepang
231 The Building of the Cathedral of Canton: Political, Cultural and Religious Clashes Jean-Paul Wiest
253 Discussion Dominique Tyl
  III. Religious traditions in Modern China (1)  
59 Islam's Adaptation in China: Present Realities Elisabeth Allès
265 Chinese Buddhism Revival and Inter-religious Dialogue Christian Cochini
279 What to Preach? Christian Witness in China, with Reference to the Party's Policy of Mutual Accommodation Kung Lap Yan
303 Discussion Thomas Michel
313 The Body at the Junction of Religion and Scientism: Modernisation of Meditative Traditions in Contemporary China David Palmer
335 Daoist Traditions in Modern China: Observations and Reflections Pierre-Henry de Bruyn
349 Discussion Michael Saso
  IV. Religious traditions in Modern China (2)  
361 Chinese Religious Women in the Modernisation Era: Problems and Contributions Beatrice Leung Kit Fun
391 Rooting the Christian Church in Chinese Soil: Christian Universities Settle Down in China Zhang Kaiyuan
405 Discussion Yu Sanle
409 From Tradition to Modernity: Chinese Intellectuals and Western Missions Liu Ping
427 Raising Civic Morality Among Chinese Citizens in the New Century. The Role of Christian Values Wang Xiaochao
439 Discussion Gianni Criveller
MRI Studies Vol.3

Macau Ricci Institute Studies 3:

Culture, Art, Religion: Wu Li (1632-1718) and His Inner Journey


Page Title Author
7 Foreword Yves Camus
9 Welcome Address Luís Sequeira
  Keynote Address  
11 Afterthoughts from the Contrasting Biographies of Pu Songling and Wu Li André Lévy
  I. The Cultural Background  
33 The "Macao Formula" in Crisis over the Quest for Spiritual Faith Fok Kai Cheong
69 Jesuit Buildings in Asia: Reflections on the Practice of Architectural Accommodation David M. Kowal
93 Science and Art: the College and Church of Madre de Deus at the Time of Wu Li César Guillén-Nuñez
113 "Dar a otro modo y orden" Wu Li's Education in Christian Visuality Elisabetta Corsi
129 Catholics in Regions South of the Yangzi River (1669-1702) Han Qi
  II. East Meets West  
147 Artistic Exchanges Between the East and the West during Wu Li's Time Mo Xiaoye
173 Michael Shen Fuzong's Journey to the West: A Chinese Christian Painted at the Court of James II Glenn Timmermans
203 A Tale of Two Jesuit Artists: Wu Li and Giuseppe Castiglione in Qing Dynasty China Gauvin A. Bailey
217 on Wu Li's Conversion to Christianity Luo Jie
  III. The Paintings  
241 The Inner Journey and Paintings of Wu Li Li Puwen
255 The Influence of Wu Li in the History of Modern Chinese Painting Huang Tiechi
261 A Unique Thinking and a Broad Mind: On the Art of Wu Li's Landscape Paintings Li Jinyuan
271 From an Artist to a Priest: Analysis of the Spiritual Path of Wu Li Wen Liding
  IV. The Poems  
297 Wu Li and Macao Tereza Sena
327 Crossing the Border, Breaking with the Past: Wu Li's Iconoclasm Wolfgang Kubin
335 A Trial Analysis on the Thread of Wu Li's Religious and Artistic Thoughts Lu Wei & Yuan Guan
359 The Important Value of Wu Yushan's Personal Experience Zhang Wenqin
  V. The Inner Journey  
389 Wu Yushan's Path to Faith Gu Weimin
415 Chinese Interpretive Trilogy of Nadal's "Illustrations of Gospel Stories" He Qi
429 Wu Li: In Search of the "Western Lantern" Christina Miu Bing Cheng
459 Seeking the Truth from the West: A Generation of Giants in Late Ming China Yu Sanle
485 On Wu Li's Hometown and Other Miscellanies Wu Zhengming & Cao Jiajun
MRI Studies Vol.4

Macau Ricci Institute Studies 4:

Culture, Law and Order Chinese and Western Traditions


Page Title Author
7 Foreword Yves Camus
9 Welcome Address Luís Sequeira
  Keynote Address  
11 Ritual and Law in Chinese and Western Traditions Léon Vandermeersch
  I. Introductory Reflections  
25 The Nuptials Between Justice and Law in the Philosophy of John Rawls: Its Impact in Contemporary Political Philosophy Arnaldo M. A. Gonçalves
43 Republic and Autocracy: A Genetic Differentiating of the Cultural Crypto-genes between Ancient Rome and China Michael C. Mi
77 A Comparison of Chinese and Western Law Culture: The Evolution of Chinese Administrative Law Xu Jinglin
91 The Rule of Law and the Role of Law in the Chinese Context Ignazio Castellucci
  II. Chinese Culture and the Rule of Law  
109 The Interplay of the Chinese Communist Party with the Chinese Law: Crippling Efforts Towards the Rule of Law Zou Keyuan
127 The Minority Question Reconsidered: Law and Development in Cross-Cultural Comparison of America and China Matthew S. Erie
157 Chinese Culture and the Rule of Law in China Zhang Haiting
173 Inveterate China: Law and Symbolism Jonas Grimheden
  III. Cultures Interplay in the Rule of Law  
201 Sir George Thomas Staunton and the Translation of the Qing Legal Code Glenn Timmermans
221 Civil Codification, Foreign Influence and “Local Conditions” in China: Towards China’s Own Civil Code? Chen Jianfu
251 Images of Law in Chinese Crime Fiction Isabel M. S. C. Morais
277 “Slavery as Practised by the Chinese”: Observations of Western Missionaries, 1849-1926 Johanna Sirera Ransmeier
  IV. Changes in China of the Rule of Law  
295 Shifts in the Culture of a Constitution: Closing the Gap and Re-drawing the Map Anne Carver
311 The Rule of Law in China Wang Jiangyu
351 Modern Courts and Judges in Fengtian Province (1907-1928) Zhang Qin
371 Chinese Law Past and Present Potential of a Legacy? Karin Buhmann
  V. The Rule of Law in Today’s China  
405 Religion in Post Mao China Legalism and Religious Management Beatrice Leung
427 China’s Constitutionalism and Its Recent Developments in China and Taiwan Jean-Pierre Cabestan
455 WTO Implementation and the Rule of Law: Government Procurement in China Bill K. P. Chou
MRI Studies Vol.5

Macau Ricci Institute Studies 5:

History and Memory Present Reflections on the Past to Build Our Future


Page Title Author
7 Foreword Eric Sautedé
9 Welcome Address Luís Sequeira
  Keynote Address  
11 Historical Consciousness and Cultural Identity Tu Weiming
  I. Epistemological Issues: The Liaisons Between History and Memory  
35 Memory and the Writing of History Consuelo Varela
43 Ancestral Memory, Homestead Symbols and Clan History: Analysis of the Shanxi Hongdong Big Locust Tree Legend Zhao Shiyu
75 History, Memory, and Narrative Ethics Vivian-Lee Nyitray
  II. Questions of Method: On the Sources of History and Towards an Interdisciplinary Approach  
91 A Global Inquisition and the Aborigines Juan Gil
107 Documents, Interviews, and Facts: The Case Study of the Yihetuan Movement in the Connection Between History and Memory Chen Fangchung
145 Science, Culture, Politics: Qing Intellectual History in Republican China Shana J. Brown
163 History and the Transmission of Shared Loss: The Great Leap Famine in China and the Luku Incident in Taiwan Stephan Feuchtwang
191 Old Photos and Historic Memory Ding Dong
203 Forbidden Memory, Unwritten History: The Difficulty in Structuring an Opposition Movement in the PRC Jean-Philippe Béja
  III. Selecting and Constructing Memories  
227 Commemorating History in Colonial and Post-Colonial Hong Kong John M. Carroll
251 The Objectivity of Historical Memory: On Reality in the Panorama of the History of Ideas Jin Guantao & Liu Qingfeng
271 Interaction Between Historical Archives and TV: Taking "Retrospection: Stories in the Archives" as an Example Xing Jianrong
283 Interpreting Memory as Acting on Memory: Ethnic Identity in Macao During the Transition Period (1987-1999) João de Pina-Cabral
297 Seeking Footprints of Early Chinese Labourers: Based on Sister M. Alfreda Elsensohns' Idaho Chinese Lore Zhang Kaiyuan
313 National History Textbooks in Late Qing China: Stories, Memories and Identities Peter Zarrow
  IV. Preserving Memory and Teaching History  
339 Remembering the Past, Shaping the Future: Stories Focussed on Personal Objects Haviva Peled-Carmeli
349 Valuing the Past in the Museum of Macau Cathryn Clayton
373 Historical Understanding and Historical Reality: Unconformity, Interference and Mistakes in the Historical View of Evolutionism in Research on the History of Chinese Art in the Twentieth Century Lin Mu
393 The Establishment of the “China Historical Geographic Information System” and Its Use in Historical Research Ge Jianxiong
409 Information Technology and the Job of the Historian: An Outline of Ongoing Issues Guido Abbattista
425 The Future of Free Information Lawrence M. Sanger
  V. The "Duty of Memory": For Whom and to What End  
447 The Chinese Cultural Revolution: Concealed History and To-be-discovered Memory Xu Youyu
461 How a “Lost Generation” Recovers its Memory: The Political Significance of the Debate about the Memory of the Cultural Revolution and of the Educated Youth Movement Michel Bonnin
471 Can We Influence Memory? Marie-Claire Lavabre
477 The Duty of Memory: The Nanjing Massacre, Memory and Forgetting in China and Japan Rana Mitter
495 The French Resistance: Between Memory and History Olivier Wieviorka
513 Representing and Remembering the Soweto Uprising: Constructing the Narrative of South Africa's Liberation Struggle Gary Baines
533 S 21: The "Present Past" of Dehumanisation Sylvie Rollet
MRI Studies Vol.6

Macau Ricci Institute Studies 6:

Education for New Times: Revisiting Pedagogical Models in the Jesuit Tradition


Page Title Author
7 Foreword Artur K. Wardega, sj
19 Welcome Address Artur K. Wardega, sj
  I. Jesuit Worldview and Education  
25 The Ratio Studiorum of the Jesuits: Pedagogy and Spirituality of the Jesuit Plan of Studies in the Shaping of ‘Modernity’ in the Early Modern Period Stephan Ch. Kessler, sj
39 Understanding the World: Knowledge and Disciplines in the Elaboration of the Ratio Studiorum (1540-1599) Antonella Romano
  II. Jesuit Educational Accommodation in Asia  
71 World Cartography in the Jesuit Mission in China: Cosmography, Theology, Pedagogy Angelo Cattaneo
87 Jesuit Renaissance Humanism as the Principle of Cross-Cultural Encounters in China Robert A. Maryks
99 ‘From Pagan Dross Shall Purify Her Ore’: Education and the Beginnings of the Jesuit Mission in Japan Romulo da Silva Ehalt
109 Jesuit Pioneers in 17th Century Vietnam and Educational Interaction Roland Jacques
127 Jesuit Contribution to Vietnamese Education: Past and Present Anh Q. Tran, sj
  III. Christian Education in China and Hong Kong  
155 The Jesuit Educational Tradition and the Promotion of Scientific Knowledge in Early 20th Century China: Li Wenyu and Xixue guanjian Limin Bai
181 Ziccawei and T’ou-sè-wè: Fountainhead of the Modern Shanghai Culture Li Tiangang
205 The Inspiration of Jesuit Educational Thought in Modern China He Jianming
229 Jesuit Education in Hong Kong – Growth and Development Alfred J. Deignan, sj
235 Education in Macao: Search for Excellence among the Less Privileged and – A Case of Two Schools Luís Manuel F. Sequeira, sj and Choi Chi U
  IV. New Trends  
249 New Times for Education: Issues of Development and Fairness Ruben de Freitas Cabral
263 Cristo Rey Schools: Jesuit Secondary Education that Works for the Urban Centre Gary Menard, sj
269 Learning to Serve – Serving to Learn: The Characteristics of Jesuit Education and Ignatian Pedagogy Martin Scroope
289 New Trends in Online Theological Education: Successes and Challenges for the Future Bradley H. McLean
MRI Studies Vol.7

Macau Ricci Institute Studies 7:

Acta Pekinensia Western Historical Sources for the Kangxi Reign


Page Title Author
7 Foreword Artur K. Wardega, sj
13 Welcome Address Artur K. Wardega, sj
  Keynote Address  
17 The Historical Significance of the ‘Acta Pekinensia’ Paul Rule
  I. The Acta Pekinensia Project  
51 The ‘Acta Pekinensia’ Project of the Macau Ricci Institute Luís M.F. Sequeira, sj
55 Kilian Stumpf and his ‘Acta Pekinensia’: Life, Context and Purpose of a Manuscript Claudia von Collani
89 The ‘Acta’’s Four Portraits Gerard J. Hughes, sj
  II. Acta Pekinensia and the Context of the Rites Question  
141 The Chinese Rites Controversy An Overview and Critique Paul Rule
161 Aspects of the Theological Debate in the Years Immediately Prior to the First Decree of Clement XI (1704) Ilaria Morali
201 The Personification of the Worst Stereotypes of the West – Charles Thomas Maillard de Tournon and His Legacy to Kangxi Emperor According to the Acta Pekinensia Monika Miazek-Męczyńska
217 From Maillard de Tournon to Mezzabarba Giacomo Di Fiore
  III. Acta Pekinensia in the Context of China-Europe Relations  
241 Kilian Stumpf, SJ at Kangxi’s Court, 1695–1720 A New Perspective on His Tenure as a Missionary-Artisan Emily Byrne Curtis
257 The Kangxi Emperor’s Lessons in Western Sciences as Recounted by the Jesuit Fathers J. Bouvet and J.-F. Gerbillon Isabelle Landry-Deron
273 The Zheng Regime versus the Manchu Empire The Significance of Vittorio Ricci’s ‘(Hechos de) La Orden de Predicadores en el Imperio de China’ (1676) Patrizia Carioti
341 Claudio Filippo Grimaldi, SJ, Imperial Envoy to Europe, and His Secret Mission Vitor Luís Gaspar Rodrigues
371 Notes on the Qing-Zunghar War (1690–97) The Jesuit Sources Davor Antonucci
389 Matteo Ripa’s Journal, Part III (1716–20) with New Documents for the History of the Kangxi Era Michele Fatica
425 The Mission to Congratulate the Kangxi Emperor on His Seventieth Birthday Father João Mourão and His Plan to Bring an Ambassador of the King of Portugal to Beijing Jin Guoping
435 Recent Chinese Translations (2000–10) of Early Texts and Modern Studies Related to Missionaries in China in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries Thierry Meynard, sj