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The Perception Of ‘New Stewardship’ In Macau: A Three-Phase Analysis

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Towards an Understanding of Stewardship in Macau

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The Publication On Michael Boym, S.J.

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  • History of missionaries in China
  • Comparative Spirituality and inter-religious dialogue between Christianity and Confucianism, Daoism, Buddhism and Islam in the Chinese context
  • Moral Leadership
  • Social Innovation


The main driver of research of MRI in cooperation with the University of Saint Joseph are research projects, the Macau Ricci Institute Journal and the annual Symposia.


  • History of missionaries in China

Cesar Gullien: Macau; College of St Paul and the Church of St Joseph

Matteo Ricci

Alessandro Valignano

Johann Adam Schall von Bell (work in progress)

Giuseppe Castiglione (work in progress)

David Urrows: Music pedagogy of Jesuits in Shanghai

Francesco Vossilla: Franciscan, Dominincan and Jesuit missionaries and diplomates on the Silk Road

Cristina Osswald: Jesuit Painting in Macau

Kilian Stumpf: Acta Pekinensia, volumes 1-4, 2000 – , Brill Publishing House, in cooperation with Ricci Institute San Francisco at the University of San Francisco


  • Comparative Spirituality

Jaroslaw Duraj, Gianni Criveller: Yves Raguin, in cooperation with the Taipei Ricci Institute

Raguin Lectures: Christian Cochini: Success of Buddhist integration in China

David Urrows: The cultural baggage of Jesuits in China

Claude Tuduri: Poems

Stephan Rothlin: Contemplation


  • Moral Leadership

Corporate Philanthropy in the Chinese context: Stephan Rothlin: Handbook on Corporate Philanthropy (English and Chinese)

Stephan Rothlin: Contemplation, apophatic prayer and leadership

Stephan Rothlin: International Business Ethics

With Minzu University: Subsidiarity within the Belt & Road Initiative

Dennis McCann: Islamic Ethics


  • Social Innovation

Thomas Myers: Cancer as an Opportunity

Changing the economic paradigm

Case Studies on Applied Ethics in the Chinese context (upcoming book of 50 case studies by Parissa Haghirian, Dennis McCann and Stephan Rothlin with World Scientific Press)

The impact of online education