• 5 May 2004


  • Macau Ricci Institue


  • 18:00 to 21:30


  • Free


  • English


Peter Cheng Wai-ming

Peter Cheng Wai-ming obtained his Doctorate of Literature from the Central University for Nationalities, Beijing, in 1999. He is now a Post-doctoral Fellow at the Jao Tsung-I Petite Ecole of the University of Hong Kong. Before taking this position, he had been an Assistant Professor and Assistant to the Dean of the Institute of Chinese Studies, University of Macau; then a lecturer at the College of International Education, the Baptist University of Hong Kong.

Dr Cheng has published more than 10 books and 50 articles in Macau studies as well as Chinese cultural studies, particularly in literature. He is also a poet who was awarded several poetry prizes in Hong Kong, Taiwan and the Mainland in the 1980s and 1990s.


Dr Peter Cheng Wai-ming's most recent articles on Hong Kong contemporary Chinese literature published in Chinese in the special issue of Wenxun zazhi (Literary Dispatch Journal) will be made available to the public at the occasion of the forum. Dr Cheng, himself a Macau native, will also seize this opportunity to briefly address comparable issues pertaining to Macau contemporary Chinese literature.