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《利氏華傳廿載•繼往開來》 Book Exhibition

《利氏華傳廿載 • 繼往開來》書展



Date | 日期:

  • September 20th, 2023 ~ March 19th ,2024 | 2023年9月20日至2024年3 月19日

Venue | 地點:

  • UM Wu Yee Sun Library (E2), 1st Floor (Next to the UM Scholars Collection) University of Macau, Avenida da Universidade, Taipa, Macau, China
  • 澳門氹仔大學大馬路 澳門大學伍宜孫圖書館 (E2) 一樓(澳大人文庫左旁)

Organized by | 主辦單位:

  • Macau Ricci Institute & University of Macau Library
  • 澳門利氏學社及澳門大學圖書館

Outline | 章程:

Book Catalog | 展出書目:

Introduction | 活動介紹

《利氏華傳廿載•繼往開來》book exhibition is co-organised by the Macau Ricci Institute and the University of Macau Library, which is the first common book exhibition between two libraries. It will showcase the main publications of the Macau Ricci Institute at the University of St. Joseph such as《The Acta Pekinensia or Historical Records of the Maillard de Tournon Legation, Volume one and two, September 1706-December 1707》, also the《De Christiana Expeditione apud Sinas suscepta ab Societate Jesu》 (Chinese Translation) by the University of Macau -- Wu Yee Sun Library.

The event features the important contribution of the Italian Jesuit – Fr Matteo Ricci SJ (1552-1610) to the cultural exchange between China and the West. The event also highlights the profile of the Macau Ricci Institute on Social Innovation, Moral Leadership and Comparative Spirituality in the context of the history of missionaries in China.

《利氏華傳廿載•繼往開來》書展由澳門大學圖書館及澳門利氏學社合辦,是次展覽為澳門利氏學院首次與澳門高校合辦的書展。書展將展出澳門利氏學社的主要出版物,包括《北京大事記》、《The Acta Pekinensia or Historical Records of The Maillard De Tournon Legation》和《The Acta Pekinensia or historical records of the Maillard de Tournon legation. Volume II, September 1706-December 1707》等出版物;以及澳門大學圖書館借出的《利瑪竇中國札記》和利瑪竇神父的相關書籍,所有讀物均供閱覽。冀藉書展向讀者宣揚利氏學社主張的三個核心主題及利瑪竇神父對東西方文化交流的貢獻。


Remarks | 注意事項:

1. It is strictly forbidden to take away books from the exhibition site in order to ensure that all books and magazines which have been showcased are available on the site. 展出書目僅供現場查閱,切勿帶離圖書館範圍。參觀者有義務保存所有書目完整性,切勿損壞展品。

2. The organizers keep the right of the final interpretation of these regulations. 主辦單位保留本章程之最後解釋權。


Book Introduction | 參展書籍介紹

Title | 書目名稱 ISBN | 國際書號 Introduction | 內容介紹
Macau On The Threshold Of The Third Millennium 9993775800 Click Here
Religion And Culture: Past Approaches, Present Globalisation, Future Challenges 9789993775836 Click Here
Culture, Art, Religion: Wu Li (1632-1718) And His Inner Journey 999377586X Click Here
Culture, Law And Order Chinese And Western Traditions 9789993775874 Click Here
History And Memory Present Reflections On The Past To Build Our Future 9789993775898 Click Here
Education for New Times : Revisiting Pedagogical Models in the Jesuit Tradition 9789993794783 Click Here
Acta Pekinensia : Western Historical Sources for the Kangxi Reign 9789993794769 Click Here
Guide To Buddhist Temples Of China 9789993794721 Click Here
Playing Bach In France And In China 9789993794752 Click Here
50 Great Masters Of Chinese Buddhism 9789996578700 Click Here
The Acta Pekinensia Or Historical Records Of The Maillard De Tournon Legation 9788870412093 Click Here
The Acta Pekinensia or historical records of the Maillard de Tournon legation. Volume II, September 1706-December 1707 9789004396579 Click Here
Macao's College And Church Of St. Joseph: Splendour Of The Baroque In China 9789993703396 Click Here
Macao's Church of Saint Paul : a glimmer of the baroque in China 9789622099227 Click Here
The Role Of Metaxy In The Political Philosophy Of Eric Voegelin 9781433181108 Click Here
Doing Good Business In China 9789811233654 Click Here
商業領袖的核心領導力 9789888687589 Click Here
Professional Ethics 職業倫理 9787566323798 Click Here
《耶穌會士在華名錄 1842 ~ 1955》 Directory of the Jesuits in China from 1842 to 1955 9789572984857 Click Here
在華耶穌會士列傳及書目 (上) 9787101010350 Click Here
在華耶穌會士列傳及書目 (下) 9787101010350 Click Here
人過留痕 : 法國耶穌會檔案館藏上海耶穌會修士墓墓碑拓片 9789993712831 Click Here
利瑪竇中國札記 9787101007275 Click Here
Jesuítas Publications Series: Matteo Ricci 9789993794738 Click Here
Jesuítas Publications Series: Alessandro Valignano 9789993794776 Click Here
利瑪竇的奇妙人生 9789621471918 Click Here
Jesuítas portugueses : astrónomos na China, 1583-1805 = 葡萄牙耶稣会天文学家在中国 9789723500974 Click Here
利瑪竇中文著譯集 9787309030587 Click Here
雖逝猶存 : 栅欄, 北京最古老的天主教墓地 9789993700227 Click Here
從利瑪竇到湯若望:晚明的耶穌會傳教士Generation of Giants:the Story of the Jesuits in China in the Last Decades of the Ming Dynasty 9787532533053 Click Here
The memory palace of Matteo Ricci 9780140080988 Click Here
A Jesuit in the Forbidden City : Matteo Ricci, 1552-1610 9780199592258 Click Here

Journal Introduction | 參展期刊介紹

Title | 標題 Publish Date | 出版日期 Introduction | 內容介紹
Connecting Social Innovation, Moral Leadership and Comparative Spirituality 聯結道德領導力、社會創新和精神世界的相互對照 2017年9月 Click Here
Transforming Homo Economicus 轉變經濟人模型 2018年6月 Click Here
Education for The Common Good 為了共同利益的教育 2018年11月 Click Here
The Belt and Road Initiative: Between Pitfalls and Promises a Path Toward a New Humanism “一帶一路”倡議:在陷阱和希望之間找到通往新人文學研究之路 2019年6月 Click Here
Visual Media and Moral Education 視覺媒體與道德教育 2019年12月 Click Here
Contemplation, Mission and Martyrdom 默觀、使命和殉道 2020年9月 Click Here
Triggering a Change of The Economic Paradigm 觸發經濟學範式的轉變 2020年12月 Click Here
Changing an Economic Paradigm: Making Change Happen 改變經濟模式 2021年9月 Click Here
China and Rumours of War in The West 中國與西方戰爭的謠言 2022年3月 Click Here
Crisis and Spiritual Transformation 危機與精神轉變 2022年10月 Click Here
Changing China Towards a Mutually Enriching Dialogue 改變中國:走向相互充實的對話 2023年3月 Click Here